How do you stay outside all day? Do you have toilets?

We do stay outside all day, where we have full restroom facilities, along with cold, filtered water for drinking. We have a pavilion with a large fan to use, as needed. Obviously, in cases of heavy rain or excessive cold or heat, we will head to the indoor classroom. The indoor classroom is a fully equipped space, in which we will continue to play and learn.

I can’t find your address. Where are you located?

We are located in northwest San Antonio, near Alamo Ranch, less than two miles off Tally Road at 1604 and Wiseman. We will release the exact location to families before finalizing enrollment. We feel that the childrens' safety benefits from keeping the address unpublished.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

We will always follow the CDC guidelines. At this time, it is difficult to know what the situation will be in the fall, but we do not anticipate a need for children to wear masks when outside. We will have hand washing and sanitizing stations and hold to all best practices for cleaning high-touch areas inside and outside.

What are your teacher-student ratios?

Our maximum ratio will be 8:1.

Will my child be ready to transition to a mainstream school?

As a long time public school teacher, I understand the testing mandates teachers and children are under very well. For this reason, I will always keep in mind the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for each grade level and make sure students are academically ready to transition to a mainstream classroom. Research shows that children who are given ample play time in early childhood actually develop greater capacities for attention.

Are you going to add grades beyond third?

We are very open to adding “grades.” We have programs drafted to serve students up to fourteen, including a plan for guided early college work through the Alamo Colleges.

Do you do referral discounts?

Sure! Please have the new family mention your referral for a $100 credit to your tuition account.

Do you provide lunches and snacks?

We do not provide lunches, but we do provide mid-morning snacks and extended care afternoon snacks. Snacks are always a portion of protein (i.e. sunflower seed butter on toast or crackers, cheese cubes, hummus, etc.), grain (i.e. homemade whole grain bread or roll), and fruit. When we have fruits and vegetables in season, we will serve them! Children will have water bottles that they keep at school and which will be washed each day. Lunches sent from home may be placed in a refrigerator located in the pavilion.

When will I be able to tour The Unschool?

At this time, we invite every family to visit prior to finalizing enrollment. We will release the exact address of The Unschool at the time of the visit to maximize security for our families. Before the school year begins, we will have a series of family “Free Play” days to prepare children for the transition.

My child has special needs. What can you offer us?

If this is your question, please call. We are unfortunately not able to accommodate any conditions that require medical care (such as administering medications) at this time. If the needs are learning differences, then we can certainly have a conversation about the scope of the need and what we feel confident in providing.

How can parents get involved?

We are eager to have families come together around the children. We would love to have parents offer guidance for gardening, art, music, etc. We will submit background checks for any parent interested in working with the children and happily find ways to maximize everyone’s contribution and joy.